Some first thoughts…

At this point, I feel somewhat akin to the infamously short-lived Sperm Whale from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Meanwhile, everyone else in the known universe, all of whom have been blogging for eons, are now feeling akin to the HHG Petunias (‘Oh, no, not again.’)

Yet to me, everything here is new and shiny, ontology has yet to recapitulate phylogeny, and — what’s this thing coming toward me very fast?

Could it be — why, yes, it’s a deadline!

  1. Shelby Vick said:

    I agree, Pat! …Well, NO! I think it looks GREAT!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you again at Corflu Glitter.


  2. Robert Lichtman said:

    Looks good to me, too. I await more of it….

  3. Congrats on your new site, Pat. Looks fine to me.

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